The initiative

Annalisa has always turned its love for tradition into selecting products that revive the bona fide flavours of Italy’s land.

An agreement made with some small growers from Piedmont to Campania, committed to reviving local legumes derives from this search for genuine quality, this desire to conserve the typical Italian nature and biodiversity. Hence, Annalisa turns into one of its ambassadors with direct support, competence and passion.


Annalisa has cultivated its passion for the Italian craftsmanship tradition over more than 80 years.

This agriculture and food enterprise was established in the ‘30s when two families from Salerno got together and it now takes the true flavours and fragrances of the Mediterranean to more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania thanks to its dedication to being genuine combined with its capacity to modernise with the times.

Love for tradition, careful selection of raw materials and high quality products: Annalisa passionately celebrates country know-how every day, putting flavour and simplicity onto the table.